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Specially designed for beginners this two hour class will help you get the most out of your camera!  Whether you have a nice point & shoot or a fabulous new SLR, if you are stuck on AUTO all the time, you might not be getting the picture you were imagining!  Jessica’s plain language helps even the total beginner understand the basics of f-stops and shutter speeds.  Learn how to isolate your subject from the background, how to either freeze or show the flow of water.  Jessica’s class will also help you understand when to use your flash and when not to.  You will learn basic posing ideas and learn some great photographic projects to help you continue to improve your technique!  Jessica also welcomes emails and Facebook interaction from students with questions after the class so you can continue learning!

For those who want to continue to improve their photography in computer, Jessica also offers Photoshop 101 classes!  These three hour basic classes help you to understand how to get started in Photoshop.  You will work alongside Jessica learning to adjust your images by removing blemishes, clearing out the ugly telephone wires, even learning to do a Head-swap and open eyes!  In the class you will learn basic techniques on layers that will allow you to create your own greeting cards!    Jessica strongly recommends beginners use Adobe Photoshop Elements (versions 7-10), although students are welcome to use the full version of Adobe Photoshop (versions CS2-CS6) as well.  Laptop with program installed is required for the class.

Regular Price is $125 for the Photography 101 class.  The Photoshop class is $250 and includes a bonus disc with many tips, tricks, actions, custom templates created by Jessica as well as many other bonuses worth an extra $150.   Paypal works great- just ‘send money’ to and then register here below or call 616-450-2087 with a credit card #!



Photography 101 Testimonials

  • “This class is a great experience. I am excited to know more about my camera and how to use it to take better photos!”
  • “Awesome class! I finally know how to use the DSLR I bought years ago!!  ”
  • “Just hearing things explained in simple terms rather than reading camera jargon in a manual or book has made me feel much more comfortable!”
  • “I have taken a class in Photography at a local camera shop- this class was far more informational- Thank you!” -Diane
  • “This class was well organized, fun and interesting!  Great Job!” -Bradley
  • “I’ve heard so much about f-stops and shutter speeds. It’s really nice to finally understand what that means!”
  • “I thought the class was very well put together. I have taken another workshop recently and this was a much better experience. Thank you!” -Heather
  • “Solid Intel”
  • “Thank you So Much! I learned lots of useful information! Now I hope to create much better images at home!”
  • “Thank you for answering my questions one-on-one. I enjoyed learning more about my camera and all of your tips & tricks.  ”
  • “This class got me excited about taking more pictures!  ”
  • “Great information for amateurs and easy to understand! Thank you!”
  • “Very Insightful- Tons of great tips!”

Current Photography classes:

(Please note we add classes every month and if you have a particular day of the week you are interested in- let me know- we may be able to accomodate you!)

  • March 18th 5:30-7:30pm Kentwood Library (Tuesday)
  • April 12th 10-12noon Kentwood Library (Saturday)
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Additional dates are being added each month- if a particular day of the week appeals to you, please let me know asap so I can keep it in consideration for future dates we are adding. *We reserve the right to reschedule or postpone classes if not enough seats are filled or for inclement weather.